Creative process

A collection inspired by the most primitive essence of woman

Creative Process

Every woman lives in two versions of herself. The one who laughs, the one who cries, the one who revolutionizes, the one who appeases, the one who confronts, the one who follows the course. But in all women lives a unique, exuberant and powerful force of nature. It is the feminine duality of energy and lightness, of hardness and serenity that guided the creation of the new Essence collection.

Inspired by woman

A collection inspired by this woman's most primitive essence, we translate this duality through the contrast of the colors and materials chosen for the collection. The color palette is serene, exploring the tones of blues, greens and delicate roses, punctuated by neutral tones and some touches of intense color. The modeling and trimming convey fineness and fluidity by balancing the stiffness of satin, which are presented in more elaborate pieces. In this collection the gold accessories, semi-jewels enhance the pieces. A collection to delight urban women who do not give up the comfort and practicality of everyday life.


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