Our Brand - Doce Paixão


2016 is a special year. It is the year we celebrate a decade of existence of the Doce Paixão Lingerie. A prosperous existence of work and achievements. Celebrating is a human act that refers to our ancestry. Since the dawn of humanity celebrated an event, a birth, the harvest, the arrival of a friend, the recovery of health, the victory of a competition, everything that is worthy to set a date.
Conclude goes beyond celebrate. It is much more than a party with food, drinks and music. It is first of all recognize, and all recognition generates gratitude. Being grateful is very noble people, who know how to recognize.
Recognize friendships, partnerships, work on the other, the importance of the other. Being grateful is to recognize the daily gifts that God gives to each one, every morning, every season, every new year. As in all his gratitude greatest fruit is joy. We live in the time of joy, the joy of 10 years
Are 10 years of joy, a lot of work, achievements, successes and also of errors. positive and some not so positive experiences that have made the Doce Paixão Lingerie a solid company generating value for all its stakeholders: directors, employees, suppliers, customers and partners. Value constituted by the pursuit of quality in the making of each piece, the management of processes and people with seriousness and commitment. Agility and prompt delivery is another feature of the company aimed at customer satisfaction.
Respecting commitments, timetables and partnerships, the search for perfection has, from the beginning, moved the company in the manufacture of parts that go beyond an intimate piece. They are works of art in the fashion trend with differential and own style, unique. always beautiful, elegant pieces with innovative designer without ever neglecting the comfort and surprising with each new collection. Doce Paixão is more than a brand, is the motto of those who are passionate about it.

'' Developing unique Lingeries for women with strong personality who enjoy convenience, comfort and sensuality, without sacrificing elegance, generating income for its stakeholders and contributing to the development of the community where it operates. ''

'' To be a reference in the lingerie segment, Beach & Fitness, democratizing our products as fashion items, for originality, designer, practicality and elegance. ''

1. Love;
2. Originality;
3. Women's appreciation Women;
4. Customized Service;
5. High Quality;
6. Transparency; Filmography 7. Responsibility;
8. Ethics