Doce Paixão Intimate Fashion and Praia Fashion | Juruaia - MG - Brazil

A story that inspires


With less than R $ 5 thousand is the investment value that the couple Letícia Marques and Daniel José Marques did to start a lingerie making in Juruaia (MG). Almost 12 years of working in partnership have made the small space of 40 square meters give way to three shops. Already the two employees became a team of 65, responsible for sales of intimate fashion, beach and fitness. The money from the small investment was just about everything the couple, who has been together since adolescence, had saved. He, from the first deal he opened in the city at age 15 - a video store. She, from working in a lingerie factory since 12.
The first store was opened in January 2006. Without the necessary capital, the team was Leticia as a seamstress, modeller and saleswoman, and Daniel, who managed all the financial part and took care of the logistics of deliveries. The small space worked as a factory and shop. "Without her, it would not be possible. I do not know how to draw, I do not know how to sew, just as Leticia had difficulties in the entrepreneurship part. This she caught with time. I play as if it were a football game. An exchange passes all the time. Even in the areas we dominate, we sometimes need each other, "says Daniel. Being married and working in the same place means being together almost 24 hours, which requires a lot of maturity. It takes a balance between personal and professional life. This part, both of them draw from letter, focusing on the commitment to the brand, which is now known in the city. Planning

The walls of the office at the back of the shop are filled with panels and graphics. Colorful post-it differentiate which are the main problems to be solved, what has worked and helped in the strategies. All this care with the brand that was born 12 years ago has a name: planning. A question which, incidentally, has given much result. The staff has increased greatly and small space has expanded to three stores in the city. "In 2012, we double in size. The billing grew, the staff too, and the structure improved. Everything worked. One of our water dividers was that we won our first highlight award, "says Daniel. Since its inception, manufacturing has been growing steadily in the past year. Despite the severe economic crisis that hit the country, Juruaia continued to profit from the lingerie market. Now, with the country's GDP growing again, the couple expects a 28% increase in sales in 2018. "What keeps us firm is our purpose. We never give up, "Leticia adds.

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